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CCRM's History

1952 - Informal beginnings. A group of concerned citizens organize to assess and meet the needs of Chautauqua County’s migrant families.

1967 - Incorporated as Southwestern Area Migrant Committee of Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties (SWAMC)

  • Changed name to Chautauqua County Rural Ministry
  • Established Hotline for Battered Women
  • Opened Garment Gallery and Emergency Food Pantry
  • Established Core Area Preservation Company
  • Initiated Rape Crisis Counseling Service
  • Began Summer Youth Camps
  • Merged Hotline for Rape and Battering
  • Initiated Homeless Project
  • Opened Friendly Kitchen
  • Purchased Coburn Block 127-135 Central Avenue
  • Began The Chautauqua County Food Bank
  • Initiated the Homeless Coalition
  • Initiated People’s Action Coalition

1989 - Completed Coburn Block Redevelopment

1999 - Began Gleaning Project and Breathe Easy Program

2002 - Began Coburn Block North Project~Warehouse Initiative

2002 - Purchased 123 Central Avenue – Countywide Warehouse Operations

2003 - Expanded Gleaning Project to include a total Food Recovery Program

2004 - Opened Garment Gallery, Too in Ripley

2005 - Ripley After School Nutrition Program Partnership

2006 - Silver Creek After School Nutrition Program Partnership

2006 - Initial Beginnings of Ebay Initiative

2008 - Food Recovery Project

2009 - Community Gardens

2010 - Cooking and Nutrition Classes

2015 - Coburn Block Facade Renovation