What's New at the Emergency Food Pantry

Emergency Food Pantry News
Greetings from the Emergency Food Pantry!!!  We are a busy place!!   Thus far this year we have provided 37,999
meals to those having a difficult time making ends meet. We are deeply thankful for the donations for the
Emergency Food Pantry but we could sure use more! Items needed are: tuna, soup, jelly, cereal, pasta, sauce,
veggies, and fruit.
Thankfully we have been receiving fresh produce donations as well and we are able to put these in the pantry
as well as dehydrate and freeze for use later.
If you ever have any questions regarding the Emergency Food Pantry, please feel free to contact us at
366-1787 and ask for Bridget.


Friendly Kitchen News

The Friendly Kitchen is such a happy place! People gather for meals, camaraderie, and a general sense of belonging.
Special Events going on this summer included a festive red white and blue long picnic weekend, complete with
favorites such as potato salad, macaroni salad, BBQ chicken and strawberry shortcake. People really enjoyed it.
We are starting to get many fresh produce donations and we are able to incorporate that into our meals as well.
Nice fresh summer salads are great!

Upcoming events will be “The Dawg Days of Summer” weekend at the kitchen. We will grill hotdogs and have
all kinds of fixings for folks to create their favorite dog! Also, We will have a labor day picnic to celebrate the
“unofficial” end of summer.

Thus far this year we have served 17,382 meals…including breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend meals.

If anyone ever wants to donate to the Friendly Kitchen, we are happy to accept the donation. Needed items include:
                               paper towels, napkins, creamer, sugar, coffee, adobo, sazon.

If anyone would like to volunteer at the kitchen, we always love to have you! Just give a call at 366-1787 and ask
for Bridget and we will get you set up with one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences you will ever have!