Empowering Our Community Through Action

Explore the significant impact of our programs through these key statistics.

Community Impact Statistics

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The Friendly Kitchen serves seventy hot, nutritious meals each week. In 2020, over 50,000 meals have been served. The Friendly Kitchen has served nearly 300,000 meals in the last five years.


The Emergency Food Pantry provided over 185,000 meals to needy families in 2020.


The Cooking and Food Nutrition Workshops address several societal issues. Monthly workshops are held at the Friendly Kitchen, generally on the third Sunday of each month; some workshops have had 35 participants. To receive more information, please contact Sarah Sorci at 366-1787.


The Emergency After Hours Program has provided over 20 families with temporary housing in 2020. This is made possible through an award from the Dunkirk Fredonia Clergy Association.


The Garment Gallery receives annual donations of gently worn clothing and items valued at over $172,000. For a minimal donation, patrons can select quality merchandise from this diverse inventory of goods.


The Gleaning Project has harvested and recovered nearly one million pounds of food, which would otherwise have been left to waste, or put into the local landfill since it began in 2000. Thirty different varieties of produce is regularly distributed to 60 different sites in Chautauqua County. Last year recovered 111,431 pounds of produce.

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