Chautauqua County Rural Ministry

An interfaith non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential services to those in need.

Community Support and Outreach Programs

Empowering individuals and families through a variety of compassionate services.
Garment Gallery

Garment Gallery

Providing the community with low-cost, gently used clothing and household essentials.

Friendly Kitchen

Friendly Kitchen

Offering nutritious meals daily, our kitchen fosters community and sustenance for over four decades.

Murial's Closet

Murial’s Closet/Book Store

A tribute to our roots, Murial's Closet offers unique retail finds, with a bookstore that caters to every reader's taste.

Gleaning Program

The Gleaning Program

Promoting healthy eating through recovered food items and community gardening initiatives.

CCRM Bill of Rights

About The CCRM

The Chautauqua County Rural Ministry is dedicated to providing vital support and services to the community, addressing unmet needs with compassion. Through diverse programs, the organization offers essential resources like food, clothing, and shelter to those in crisis situations. By extending a helping hand to individuals in Chautauqua County, the Rural Ministry aims to make a positive impact and foster stronger community bonds.

“Poverty… is so much more than a state of income and is potentially as crippling as any major disease.”

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